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Why Pre Plan Your Funeral?.

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  • Why Pre Plan Your Funeral?
  • Don’t leave it up to your family to organise your funeral arrangements at such an emotional and difficult time.

    Ease the emotional and financial burden for them by having funeral arrangements in place. So don’t put it off any longer. Make yourself a cuppa, sit down and take the first step” to provide peace of mind for your family.

    Prepaid funeral arrangements can save thousands at the time of service.

    – This will eliminate emotional spending on services or items you did not want as part of your funeral.

    – You lock in funeral costs at today’s prices

    By taking out a prepaid funeral plan with Swanborough Funerals there are no hidden costs or further costs to be paid at the time of service. Swanborough Funerals draw up a contractual agreement that we will provide the services and items stipulated in the tax invoice. We communicate this in easy to understand terms on your contract.

    Your prepaid funds are secured in Sureplan Friendly Society a recognised Funeral Benefit Fund until the time the service is required.

    Peace of Mind Benefits

    Why pre plan your funeral

    You know that your funeral wishes will be carried out by a professional qualified Funeral Provider and that your funeral requests will be honoured. No matter how well prepared your family may be, they will be mourning your loss. The last thing they will feel like doing is sitting down with our funeral arrangement who will need to ask them a myriad of questions and will need to make decisions quickly to ensure the service is carried out with dignity and respect. By preplanning your funeral all those difficult questions have already been answered.

    .If the funeral has been prepaid your family do not need to worry about finding the funds to pay for a funeral. The financial responsibility has been taken care of.

    You have the benefit of being able to express what your funeral requirements are. This is a great relief to those left behind to know that your wishes are being honoured. There is no guessing, no stressing and family conflict over what type of service you should have is eliminated.

    Follow Our Three Simple Steps

    1. Download “My Funeral Planner”

    Download “My Funeral Planner” interactive PDF, fill it in and save the document.

    2. Email Swanborough Funerals

    Email Swanborough Funerals pages2-4 (please note the rest of this document is for your personal records and has some handy checklists for your family) and we will send you a quotation of funeral costs at today’s prices

    3. Make an Appointment

    Contact our office on 1800 100 411 to make an appointment for our preplanning specialist to meet with you to finalise your prepaid funeral.

    Funeral Plans – Other Important Questions, Different Options, What is a Pre-Paid Funeral?

    A Pre-Paid Funeral is a funeral purchased in advance. The type and style of the funeral the client wants is documented in a written contract and paid for at today’s prices. Subject to any specific terms of a PrePaid
    Funeral contract (e.g. if Government taxes are subsequently imposed or increased), the client will not have to pay any additional amount for that contracted funeral regardless of when the funeral is required.

    Payment of a Pre-Paid Funeral is invested with an independently managed funeral fund and is only released to the Funeral Director once the contracted funeral service is completed.

    What are the Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan and Who is Eligible to Take One Out?

    Anyone can take out a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan regardless of their age or state of health, and in doing so can enjoy the following benefits:

    • You can protect your family from the distress of making difficult decisions at an emotional time
    • Your family will be relieved from any financial burden
    • It makes good financial sense – by making all of your choices now, you can fix the price of the funeral at today’s costs (subject to any specific terms of the contact)
    • You can ensure that your exact wishes are made known and are carried out
    • Pre-paying means real peace of mind for you and your family, and you may be able to maximise your pension entitlement.
    • Any money paid into the plan is not subject to the income or assets test or deemed earnings rule (according to current legislation).

    What Does a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Include?

    • The type and style of funeral service
    • Preparation of the body and viewing arrangements
    • Burial or cremation
    • The specific cemetery or crematorium
    • Type of coffin or casket
    • Minister or Celebrant
    • Memorial book and memorial cards
    • Death notices, flowers, mourning vehicles etc, and
    • Special features you would like to include such as a poem or piece of music.

    If I Pay For My Funeral Now, Who Keeps the Money?

    The money you pay for your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is held secure by an independent entity such as a friendly society or trustee company and is properly invested and safeguarded until such time as the funeral services under the Pre-Paid Funeral Plan are required. Only then will the funds be released to the Funeral Director.

    Can I Pay a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan by Instalments?

    There are two ways to make payments for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. You can pay for your Pre-Paid Funeral  Plan in a lump sum or your Funeral Director may give you the option to pay by instalments. This is usually arranged through a direct debit or booklet payment system.

    What is a Pre-Arranged Funeral?

    A Pre-Arranged Funeral is where a client may discuss with a Funeral Director their preferences for a type and style of funeral and the Funeral Director may record these preferences for future reference, but no formal agreement is entered into for that specific funeral.

    It will be the responsibility of the client’s family or executor to arrange the funeral and to pay for it at the time of the funeral.

    What Does a Funeral Bond Cover?

    A Funeral Bond is a specialised investment which enables an individual to accumulate funds to meet future funeral expenses. An investment in a Funeral Bond is similar to a life insurance policy, whereby the benefit becomes payable on death. The benefits must be used to meet an individual’s funeral expenses. A Funeral Bond is an investment towards the cost of a funeral and by itself does not guarantee against rising funeral prices.