Traditional Going Home Cremation Urn

$ 36.43$ 249.55

This urn is a simpler design to the Elite Going Home Urn but a beautifully crafted Traditional Urn by Terrybear with engraved doves symbol no matter how far you stray from home you will always be drawn back. Comes with threaded lidd for extra security, designed to keep your loved one safe ❤️.


Traditional Going Home Cremation Urn


Sold individually

L:26.9x16cm XS:13.5x10.4cm K:6.1x4.3cm H:7.4x6.9cm

See AU5271 for Heart Stand Pewter

Capacities: Lge3.44L  KS0.1L H0.08L

Accessories - heart stands, velvet bags and cases. Product Code: AU2688