Silver Blessing Bird Collection

$ 105.77$ 584.71

The Silver Blessing Bird Collection are part of the LoveUrns range. The silver blessing birds are surrounded by a blue pearl finish. Firstly, there is the adult urn. And then, there are three different keepsake options. In addition, this collection includes a heart-shaped, a tea-light urn, and an elegant pendant.

Stunning silver birds are hand engraved with incredible detail on baked enamel surface. The hand engraving cuts through the enamel to reveal a dazzling silver against the cerulean background.




Silver Blessing Bird Collection

Sold individually

A:25.4cm K:7.6cm 

Capacities: Lge 3.28L KS 0.06L T 0.3L

Product Code: AULA280

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More About the Silver Blessing Bird Collection:

The LoveUrns silver birds are hand engraved so the attention to detail on the baked enamel surface stands out really well. You can purchase this memorial product for your loved one.

Our Blessing Bird Collection is truly one of a kind. You may like to purchase a standalone item or multiple from this range. This range includes an Adult Urn, a Tea-Light Urn, a small Keepsake Urn and a elegant Pendant.

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Adult – $584.71, Keepsake – $105.77, Tealight $143.15, Ash Pendant $424.00


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