Raindrop Cremation Urns

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Raindrop Cremation Urns

These raindrop cremation urns are part of an elegant collection. Each piece is handcrafted by the skilled Dutch artist Ber van Reden. The crystals in the metallic coating form a unique pattern on each urn. Most importantly the round cremation urns come in four different sizes. The large adult urn holds the full amount of ashes. The other sizes include the medium, small and the keepsake cremation urns.

Because of their unique design and the firing process, these urns are suitable for outdoors. During the firing process, fine lines appear to create an appearance known as "crackle".

Also available in this collection is the DROP DUO MATCHING URNS

Raindrop Cremation Urns Sizing

Sold individually - AUKU512

L: 32cm M: 27cm S: 22cm K: 12cm

Ceramic suitable for outdoors

Made from highest grade clay


Capacities: L: 4.2L M: 2L S: 0.8L K: 0.15L