Nirvana Azure Cremation Urns

$ 55.00$ 545.23

Nirvana is freedom of soul from the cycle of birth and rebirth and becoming one with the supreme. Azure Nirvana features a serene Azure background with a band of beautifully engraved pewter flowers around the lid of the urn.

Swarovski crystal embellishments enhances the natural exquisiteness.

A heartfelt way to honor your loved one.


Available in Adult/Medium/Keepsake/Heart/Tealight sizes

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Nirvana Azure Cremation Urns

The Nirvana Azure Cremation Urns are part of the LoveUrns Collection.  These beautifully crafted and solid brass urns .  The collection  is adorned in Swarovski crystals and then, surrounded by flower petals. Firstly, there is the adult urn.  And then, there are three  different keepsake options. In addition, this collection includes a heart-shaped, a tealight, and a small keepsake urn.


Sold individually

Swarovski Elements

A:25.4cm M:15.2cm K:7.6cm H:7.6cm T:12.7cm H

Capacities: A3.2L KS0.06L H0.04L T0.3L

 Product Code: AULA271

More about Nirvana Azure Cremation Urn

Most importantly,  our LoveUrn Nirvana Collectionare hand engraved, hence the attention to detail on  the baked enamel surface. You can purchase this memorial product for your loved one.

As part of the Nirvana Collection, this stunning cremation adult large urn or keepsake urn is truly one of a kind.

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Adult – $545.23, Medium – $217.62, Keepsake – $110.83, Heart – $126.17, Tealight – $178.43, 2 Lines of Engraving $55.00