Natural Legacy Wool Coffin

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Natural Legacy Wool Coffin

Natural Legacy is the beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional coffin or casket. Gentle on the eye and soft to the touch. Our Natural Legacy Wool Coffin is  loved by families for a personalised and comforting goodbye. Suitable for both burial and cremation, the oval coffin shape combined with the soft and gentle finish allow for a comforting tribute to your special someone.

Made using British wool that is expertly woven in Yorkshire, our Natural Legacy Wool Coffin is hand constructed on the same premises that has produced the outer woollen cloth for over 230 years. The woollen outer layer is carefully hand fitted around a strong recycled cardboard frame, which is reinforced with an MDF base board for rigidity and stability, and then carefully lined with a soft woollen wadding for a mattress base. Each coffin interior is generously lined with organic cotton, attractively edged with jute and completed with a soft organic cotton covered pillow, while the exterior is finished with a beautiful blanket stitch detail, jute handles and simple wooden toggle fastenings.

A natural choice Wool is a fibre with a true ‘green’ lineage that is both sustainable and biodegradable. An annually renewable and truly sustainable resource it is Mother Nature’s own SMART fibre, highly functional and perfect for multiple uses whilst being fully biodegradable without damage to our precious planet.


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