Lumeah Burial Shroud

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Lumeah Burial Shroud

The Lumeah Burial Shroud is designed to provide 100% natural burial care. Most importantly, it can be used at the Alberton Green Cemetery

It is designed with simplicity in mind with practical stretcher-bearers on either side. Its materials are 100% organic hemp and cotton fabric with raw plantation pine handles and a mater-bio polymer body bag insert. This option is suitable for green burial and is easy to use to lower the deceased into the burial ground.

At Swanborough Funerals we are passionate about environmentally friendly sustainable funerals.  Because of this, we also offer recycled cardboard coffins, natural fiber coffins, biodegradable coffins, and caskets including renewable resources.

The ancient practice of using a burial shroud has returned to modern funeral care. It is a loving and respectful tribute.

The natural burial shroud, in its beautiful and simple design, also allows for family and friends to add their own mementos. Therefore, it can be embroidered or painted. Alternatively, simply add flowers or attach notes.

A Vale shroud by designer Kate Hoover (like the one you see on this page) can be adapted to reflect the personality of your service. It’s a blank canvas: a clean design that allows for as much or as little to be added as you like. For instance, flowers, mementos, and notes can be tucked into the shroud and its ties. The canvas can also be painted or embroidered by you and your loved ones. Natural fiber fabrics or your loved one’s favorite quilt can be draped over the shroud.

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