Koorong Pandanus Casket

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Koorong Pandanus Casket

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The Koorong Pandanus Casket is made from pandanus, also known as wild pineapple. Pandanus is an environmentally friendly alternative to seagrass.  This plant has been used for centuries by communities to weave baskets amongst other practical and ornamental items. Now, we can provide you with a beautiful handwoven pandanus casket.

Pandanus Farm Pandanus Plant

Calico Lined

Each casket and coffin comes fully lined with a pillow, base, blanket, and cover from calico. This is 100% natural unbleached cotton.

The Greenature Product Commitment – Approved by The World Fair Trade Organisation

Our promise and commitment are to produce eco-friendly coffins and caskets in our Greenature™ range. It is approved by The World Fair Trade Organisation. Our care and attention are therefore placed in the manufacturing and prestige craftsmanship of our products. All our Greenature™ products are also made with natural material sourced in Indonesia. We are proud to support the skills of local artisans in Indonesia to craft our Greenature™ range.

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Swanborough Funerals provide a beautiful range of eco-friendly coffins and caskets.

Swanborough Funerals is the leading green funeral provider in Queensland. We offer our families a selection of environmentally sustainable coffins and caskets to lovingly reflect your special someone. Providing green funeral care is important to us. Therefore, providing quality natural products and services, and offering ethically sustainable products is also important to us. As a result, we source products from suppliers that uphold these similar values.

So if it is important to you to:

  • provide a meaningful farewell in an environmentally sustainable way
  • use eco-friendly funeral care
  • use eco-friendly products
  • leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind
  • use ethical products
  • giving back to the environment for the benefit of future generations

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