Jindera Solid Cedar Timber Coffin

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Jindera Solid Cedar Timber Coffin

Jindera Solid Cedar Coffin

The Jindera Coffin reflects the traditional and classic Denman coffin. Embracing a perfect balance of peace and harmony. Crafted in a solid and rich deep cedar, with grooved side and end panels. With matching timber swing bar handles and gold fittings, and subtle wooden buttons and scallops at the corner edges. This piece is finished in a high gloss lacquer shine. Providing just enough detail to harmonise the overall appearance of tradition, and illustrates a full appreciation of a beautifully lived life. 

Cedar Timber

Cedar is part of the mahogany family and has a rich visual appeal. The colour ranges from a pale red through to a richer dark reddish brown. Cedar also features a distinctive calming scent. It is often used as an essential oil for the grieving and for centuries has been planted as a border hedge in traditional cemeteries. It creates a beautiful and unique finish. 

Jindera Solid Cedar Timber Coffin Description

  • Traditional Denman shape with scalloped edges and elegant lines.
  • Constructed from solid timber cedar
  • Upholstered white satin interior
  • Triple raised domed lid
  • Your choice of either gold or silver drop bar wooden handles

Coffin Product Disclaimer

Our supplier takes every care in ensuring that both the colour and design of our product is accurately portrayed in our advertising information. Please note: Each cedar coffin or casket looks unique, as the grain varies widely. 


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