Frangipani Urn

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Frangipani Urn

Frangipani Urn

Swanborough Funerals have extended their urn range to incorporate the new expression urn designs line.

Beautifully designed Frangipani Urn for cremains. Designed for ashes placement.

The Frangipani flower symbolises the immortality of the soul and life eternal.

Hawaiian and Islander traditions use the frangipani flower to welcome guests into their community

Buddhist and Hindus believe that the frangipani flower is a sign of immortality.

Other cultures believe it represents a fragile spirit with deep inner strength.  

It is a beautiful and bright flower with a deep perfume.

The frangipani ashes urn provides a unique and loving tribute for your special someone, especially if this flower was their favorite.

Each urn is beautifully handmade by master craftsmen and wrapped in high quality imagery, utilising the latest eco-friendly technology. Expression Urns are created  from plantation pine FibreBoard, which is a sustainable, renewable resource. The Frangipani Urn image-wrap is produced using environmentally-friendly, water-based inks and the technology has been recognised as an industry leader in environmental certifications and awards. Expression Coffins are suitable for burial or cremation.


Expression ashes urns are handcrafted to complement each coffin design, they are both beautiful art pieces and functional ashes containers. The felt covered urn base is simply removed for insertion of an ashes box inside. The external size of the urns are: W32cm x  H15cm x  D22cm.

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