Elite Cloisonne Floral Blue Cremation Urn

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Elite Cloisonne Floral Blue Cremation Urn


Sold individually

L:23.4x17cm K:7.9×5.3cm H:7.6×6.3cm

See AU5270 for Heart Stand Bronze

Capacities: Lge3.44L KS0.1L H0.08L

Product Code: AUC114

Elite Cloisonne Floral Blue Cremation Urn.

It takes thirty hours to complete a large cloisonne urn. Cloisonne cremation urns and keepsakes all begin with a solid copper form. The urns shapes are hammered copper pieces. The copper filigree forms delicate patterns. The enamel makes the rich shades of colour.

Cloisonne urns are gilded in gold to add elegance. Heat processes are involved in creating these beautiful cremation urns.

These urns are truly an honouring and dignified presentation for the resting place of your loved one.

The urn’s design is welded on using flexible copper wire. After the wire is attached, colourful enamel is placed in the spaces, like doing a paint by number. The enamel hardens as it dries and then the piece is fired, polished, and checked for any blemishes. The enamel helps create a scratch resistant coating on the surface and the enamel colours are eye-catching and vibrant. Each cloisonne urn and keepsake is a bonafide masterpiece. This ancient and traditional process is mastered by artisans in one area of northern China.

Handcrafted from the finest brass and copper the enamel glaze becomes smooth and glossy. The colourful, unique and sturdy cremation urn will last for generations. Every urn is unique and may vary slightly from one urn to another due to the hand-crafted workmanship. The Final Touches signature lid is threaded for a secure closure.

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Keepsake – $128.80, Heart – $138.60, Large – $679.00