Cuddle Stones Cremation Keepsake

$ 94.73

Red/Matt Black/White/Blue/Royal Blue/ Fawn/Cream/Violet/Gloss Black/Blush


Cuddle Stones Cremation Keepsake

The Cuddle Stones Cremation Keepsake will hold a small amount of cremains. Therefore, you can carry your cuddle stone with you at all times. The Cuddle Stone comes with a weather symbol and is suitable for inside our outside. These treasured keepsakes come in a variety of colors to represent the unique character of your loved one. It is a comforting and tangible way to keep your loved one close to you.

Sold individually-AUKK022

Approx. 6cm wide

Handmade ceramic, therefore durable

Soothing to hold


Capacity: Nominal

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Cuddle Stones Cremation Keepsake Colors

Because they are unique, you can choose  from crimson, matt black, white, blue, royal blue, fawn, cream, violet, gloss black or blush.

Finally, each piece is crafted by hand with ceramic, hence,  their unique smooth finish.