Cherub Pandanus Casket

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Cherub Pandanus Casket

Each one of our Infant or Child caskets have been lovingly handwoven. The Cherub Pandanus Casket is made from wicker and pandanus. These precious caskets are lined with natural calico and include a calico pillow, blanket and cover.

Cherub Funeral Care

You may be visiting our Cherub Funeral Care page because you need to organise funeral care for your little one. If so, please accept our deepest condolences.

Cherub Funeral Care came into existence because Esther Swanborough the owner of Swanborough Funerals realised that families experiencing infant loss needed very different care from those needing to organise a funeral for an adult loved one.

And so, it is our desire to honour and cherish a life no matter how small. The path of grief is very different when a baby or child dies.

Being faced with planning for the funeral of your child, is something no parent ever wants to face. I imagine, you still in shock and have no idea where to start. We trust that this page will give you the information required to allow you to make an informed decision on the funeral care needed for this cherished life.

Phone 1800 100 411 to speak with Esther or Shar.