Byron Cardboard Coffin

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Byron Cardboard Coffin

Byron Cardboard Coffin

Swanborough Funerals are often asked about our eco cardboard coffin options. The Byron Cardboard coffin is made from recycled cardboard. This is an environmentally and cost effective option. The Byron Coffin meets the Australian Funeral Industry Standards and provides an alternative to the traditional coffins. Recycled cardboard is made from unbleached cardboard, not timber pulp, newspaper, glossy packaging or plasticised waste. The transition from post-consumer cardboard to “recycled cardboard” is efficient and as eco-friendly as possible.

Personalising the Byron Cardboard Coffin

The Byron Coffin is perfect option for those who wish to decorate, paint or write messages on their coffin.

1980mm L x 680mm W x 370mm H
100% recycled cardboard flat lid coffin with no veneer finish. Six fixed natural fibre rope handles.

Environmentally Friendly

The Byron Cardboard Coffin is Earth Friendly. The natural and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional particle board, chipboard or timber coffins and caskets.
The Cardboard Coffin is made from 100% Biodegradable post-consumer recycled cardboard. These coffins have an extra thick honeycomb and corrugated panelling to that meet Australian Manufacturing Standards.

Perfect for painting or writing on.


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