Bullet Ash Pendant (chain included) – Memorial Jewellery

$ 89.04



Bullet Ash Pendant

Bullet Ash Pendant in Stainless Steel

AUN8202 – Bullet Ash Pendant

40mmH x 8mmD

Unscrews at top

Comes with Stainless Steel chain

Dull finish

56cm chain

Keepsake Jewellery is a unique and intimate way of remembering your loved one and keeping them with you close to your heart. Each piece of memorial jewellery  has a secure compartment to hold a small amount of cremains. Your funeral director can place these ashes in the memorial pendant for you. 

When someone you love becomes a memory – That memory becomes a treasure.

This beautiful necklace with pendant holds a keepsake amount of your loved one’s ashes. This precious ash pendant in Stainless steel.

When you receive this item, all instructions will be with the cremation jewellery on how to place the keepsake amount of ashes within the pendant.

Feel free to view our full selection of cremation ashes jewellery.

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Stainless Steel – $89.04


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