Opal Essence Cloisonne Cremation Urn

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Large/Keepsake/ Heart


AUC203 - The Opal Essence Cloisonne Cremation Urn comes in three different sizes.

Size Options - Large/Keepsake/ Heart Sold individually Dimensions - L:23.9x17.8cm K:7.9x5.3cm H:7.6x6.4cm See AU5270 for Heart Stand Bronze Capacities: Lge3.27L KS0.1L H0.08L The Opal Essence Cloisonne Cremation Urn is the perfect way to honour loved ones. The pattern and colours are calming in style yet regal in appearance. Lasting for generations, the opal urn is a beautiful way to memorialise your loved one. Metalwork and multiple layers of fired enamel over copper or brass create the Opal Essence Urn. Each urn is slightly different and a unique piece of art as they are handmade. The primary colours on this urn are beige's and creams but they also may have just a touch of pink, green, or other pastel colour.  The large urn and matching keepsake have threaded lids.  The heart keepsake has a threaded closure on the underside. Cloisonne cremation urns and keepsakes all begin with a solid copper form. Welded flexible copper wire creates the design. In the spaces the wire is attached and colourful enamel is placed. Then as it dries the enamel hardens, then the piece is fired, polished and checked for any blemishes. As a result, the enamel helps create a scratch resistant coating on the surface and the enamel colours are eye-catching and vibrant. Each cloisonne urn and keepsake is a bonafide masterpiece. This ancient and traditional process is mastered by artisans in one area of northern China. Never Forget

Your presence we miss, Your memories we treasure, Loving you always, Forgetting you never.