Essence Cloisonne Rose Urn

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The Essence Cloisonne Rose Urn Large, Keepsake and Heart Options are available. Sold individually Dimensions: L:23.9x17.8cm K:7.9x5.3cm H:7.6x6.4cm See AU5270 for Heart Stand Bronze Capacities: Lge3.27L KS0.1L H0.08L The Essence Cloisonne Rose Cremation Urn is an inviting masterpiece that will keep the eye travelling and the mind guessing. Therefore, this urn is unique, in that its shapes and designs are interpretive to the eye and to the mind. Are they butterflies, flowers or subtle rose-coloured stones? What better way to honour loved ones than with an urn that tells an interpretative tale of wildflowers, the soft wings of butterflies or a bubbling brook with soft pink stones made smooth over a lifetime. This urn holds the most precious contents therefore holding precious feelings that reflect loved ones is the perfect way to celebrate their life and memory. Handcrafted from the finest brass and copper the enamel glaze becomes smooth and glossy. The colourful, unique and sturdy cremation urn will last for generations. Rosy pink enamel laces the wiring, complimenting the bronze design. Cloisonne is an ancient Chinese handcrafted art created on metal to create exquisite designs with enamel, making this urn a design that truly honours those we love. Every urn is unique and may vary slightly from one urn to another due to the hand-crafted workmanship. The Final Touches signature lid is threaded for a secure closure. Large, Keepsake and Heart options are available.