Ashes Scatter Tubes Ascending Dove

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Ashes Scatter Tubes Ascending Dove

The Ashes Scatter Tubes Ascending Dove come in the Large, Medium, Small or Mini size

AUPSTA-Scatter Tube Ascending Dove


Sold individually

L: 32.0 x 13cmdia Med: 22.6 x 10.1cmdia Sml: 22.6x7.5cmdia Mini: 13.3 x 7.5cmdia

There is an ascending dove picture on the ashes scatter tube

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Ashes Scatter Tubes Ascending Dove - About

Ashes Scatter Tubes are made to assist you in providing a memorable ashes scattering ceremony. They come in different sizes and designs. The large scatter tubes hold a full amount of adult ashes. The other sizes are for scattering a portion of the ashes When you scatter the ashes why not record the place of scattering online or in a journal for future generations to be able to remember your loved one? The cremated remains scattering tubes are a simple and dignified way to say farewell.