Cremation Urns for Ashes

Cremation Urns For Ashes

Swanborough Funerals are proud to offer our full range of Cremation Urns for Ashes and also cremation keepsake options.

Browse through our online shop and choose a one that will suit. There is a large collection of urns and keepsakes to suit every home and personality.

Cremation Urns for Ashes can be such beautiful and special way to provide a memorial for your loved one. So, why not look through our range of cremation urns to choose one that will aptly reflect the spirit of the person. You can choose from traditional urns to scatter tubes. There are keepsakes and tealight candles. We have a wide range of the brand Loveurns too and a vast variety of colors, sizing and designs.

Many of the urns in our range can be engraved and personalised. Our range includes brass urns, nature urns and eco urns. Also inluded are crystal and glass urns along with creramic options. We also have a range of timber urns.

If you live in the south of Brisbane and would prefer to see our stunning range of funeral urns please free free to visit our small display room located in Browns Plains.

  • *Cremation Urn Collection

    *Cremation Urn Collection (53)

    Our elegant and dignified cremation urns come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. Our online store has a beautiful selection that includes large, keepsake, small, medium, tealight and some jewellery options in the same designs. We are confident you will find the right urn to honour the memory of your loved one. We aim to take the stress out of making this choice and will deliver without any hassles. If you have any questions, our expert staff are just a phone call away 1800 100 411 which is our 24/7 care line.
  • *Urn and Jewellery Specials*

    *Urn and Jewellery Specials* (5)

    Current Discounted Urn, Keepsake, Heart and Jewellery
  • Accessories

    Accessories (8)

  • Alloy and Brass Urns

    Alloy and Brass Urns (62)

    Brass, Alloy & Aluminium Ashes Urns. Our selections of metal cremation urns are very popular because they are both cost effective and beautifully designed.This magnificent collection includes Final Touch Australia’s signature threaded lid for secure closure.
  • Ceramic Handcrafted Urns

    Ceramic Handcrafted Urns (24)

    Our ceramic cremation urns are part of an elegant collection. Most of the pieces are handcrafted by the skilled Dutch artist Ber van Reden.
  • Cloisonne Urns

    Cloisonne Urns (9)

    Each urn is crafted by hand using a comprehensive and sophisticated process involving hammering of copper piece to form the shapes. A large cloisonne urn can take up to 30 hours to complete. Copper filigree is used to form delicate floral patterns and enamel is used to fill and and develop rich shades of colour. Cloisonne urns are gilded in gold to add elegance, amd several high temperature heat processes are involved in creating these beautiful cremation urns.
  • Cremation Urn Keepsake

    Cremation Urn Keepsake (48)

  • Cremation Urns For Babies & Children

    Cremation Urns For Babies & Children (36)

  • Eco Urns

    Eco Urns (16)

  • Everafter Urns

    Everafter Urns (20)

  • Memorial Tealight Candles and Lights

    Memorial Tealight Candles and Lights (44)

  • Scatter Tubes and Boxes

    Scatter Tubes and Boxes (19)

  • Speciality Urns

    Speciality Urns (21)

    View our range of ever after urns handmade from real stone and hand painted in Canada, our crystal and glass urns made with Swarovski Elements or our sculpture urns to suit your unique taste.
  • Stainless Urns

    Stainless Urns (2)

  • Wooden Urns

    Wooden Urns (19)