*Cremation Necklaces & Pendants For Ashes

Cremation Urns

From traditional to keepsake and eco-friendly

Keepsake Jewellery

Beautiful jewellery to keep your loved ones close.

Memorial Gifts

Special treasures to show how much you care.

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Our beautiful pieces of cremation keepsake pieces are designed to keep your loved one close to your heart. We provide a wide range of cremation jewellery pendants, memorial beads and keychains. Most of our pendant, cremation lockets and beads hold a small portion of ashes.

Our Cremation Keepsake Jewellery is a unique and intimate memorialisation of your loved one. Each piece (unless noted) has a secure compartment to hold a small amount of cremains, burial site earth, sand, a lock of hair, a dried flower petal, or whatever it is that you desire to keep close to your heart at all times.