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Indian Funeral Prayer.

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    Indian Funeral Prayer

    When I am dead
    Cry for me a little
    Think of me sometimes
    But not too much.
    Think of me now and again
    As I was in life
    At some moments
    It’s pleasant to recall
    But not for long.
    Leave me in peace
    And I shall leave you in peace
    And while you live
    Let your thoughts be with the living.
    Indian Funeral Prayer
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    Family is a precious gift. Your loved one has left a beautiful legacy. Swanborough Funerals trust that this site will bring you comfort at this time. To view our full selection of funeral prayers like the Indian Funeral Prayer visit our “FUNERAL POEMS” page. If we can be of any assistance to you in your time of need do not hesitate to contact Swanborough Funerals on 1800 100 411 or “EMAIL”us

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    Coping With Grief

    Grief is natural and normal and is the response to the experience of significant loss. There is no way of knowing how one will react in times of grief until faced with the journey of grief. Coping with grief is never easy and it is never a journey that we want to face, but most will experience some kind of loss in this journey we call life.

    Those who have loved deeply have the privilege of the journey of grief.

    For some the emotions of grief can fall upon them in rapid progression, anger, denial, loss, sadness, fear or numbness. Others journey slowly and feelings like of loneliness and sadness can last for longer periods. It is important to care for yourself or those you love who are experiencing grief in the best way possible.

    Swanborough Funerals have our own recommended grief specialist available to our clients either at our Office in Browns Plains or at Gary’s private practice.