Grief Poem Time

Grief Poem Time

Grief Poem Time

Grief Poem Time
The sadness of the present days is locked and set in time,
And moving to the future is a slow and painful climb.
But all the feelings that are now so vivid and so real
Can’t hold their fresh intensity as time begins to heal.
No wound so deep will ever go entirely away
Yet every hurt becomes a little less from day to day.
Nothing can erase the painful imprints on your mind
But there are softer memories that time will let you find.
Though your heart won’t let the sadness simply slide away
The echoes will diminish even though the memories stay

Grief Poem Time

The use of poetry like the grief poem time, can bring comfort and solace in time of sorrow and grief. A grief poem can also bring remembrance of the emotions experience while the person was living. Poems like the Grief Poem time, bring memories of joys shared, love embraced and time spent together. It a way of expressing your love for the person who has passed on into eternity.

Swanborough Funerals trust that the following pages give you opportunity to celebrate your loved one and all that they were are will always be to you.

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The Healing Journey

The journey of healing can be a difficult and lonely road to travel. Below are some practical pathways to assist you as you transition through grief.

Accept that each person will grieve in their own way, including you.

Hold close to your Spiritual Belief System.

Speak out your grief, share your feelings of loss, pain and hurt. Share the beautiful memories, the good times and the hard times. Find a trusted friend who has journeyed before you to express your feelings to.

Give yourself permission to mourn.

During significant dates like anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions give yourself space to reflect, remember, celebrate and mourn. If possible, set aside time on these significant days to allow yourself a personal moment of reflection. There may be a special place of meaning, a treasured song to play and other close family members to be with at these times. Allow yourself to journey through the remembering.

Search around for a support network. Surround yourself with those that can provide compassion and with those who have walked the path of grief before you.

Be kind to yourself. Grief can be exhausting. Be patient and kind to your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Slow your pace, ensure you are getting some form of exercise, eat healthy foods and try to get sufficient rest.

Don’t rush decisions. Give yourself time when deciding on what to do with those treasured possessions and those belongings. Don’t be pushed into these decisions. You will know when the right time is.

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