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    Funeral Songs

    When you choose funeral songs, think of your loved one’s favorite tune or piece of music. Choose  funeral songs that aptly reflect the essence of your loved one. We have put together a list of music and links in categories help you pick the right music to remember that special person to you by.

    Popular Funeral Choices

    Sentimental Funeral Pieces

    Funeral Music for Brother

    Songs for Partner’s Funeral

     Music for Friend’s Funeral

    Funeral Reflections for Mother

    Funeral Reflections about Heaven

    Pieces for a Father’s Funeral Service

    Traditional Funeral Songs

    Bagpipe Funeral Music

    Would you like a Piper to play at the service? Swanborough Funerals can arrange this for you. We recommend Piper Joe – Aussie Scot Events

    Younger Person’s Funeral Songs

    Funeral Music for Infants and Children

    Amazing Grace Different Version

    Well known Hymns for Funeral Service

    Instrumental Hymns

    Classical Music For Funeral Services

    Themed Songs For Funeral

    Memorial Music At Christmas

    There are so many ways to honour the legacy of your loved one. 

    • Ask Swanborough Funerals to create a personalised memorial DVD. This is a pictorial journey of your special loved one’s life.
    • Have your order of service sheets designed to reflect the essence of your special someone
    • Write a eulogy or life story to honour the person you are remembering
    • Choose flowers for the coffin that represent their unique personality
    • Most importantly, think of how best to bring up the remembrance of your special someone by creating a theme
    • Use significant items and place them on the coffin or on a display table.
    • Choose a poem or reading – SWANBOROUGH FUNERALS POEMS & READINGS

    Contact Swanborough Funerals to speak with your own personal funeral planner on

    1800 100 411