In Memoriam

When permitted we create a memorial to those we have had the honor of remembering, we encourage messages of remembrance to be left for their families.

Jean Ivy Alley

aged 74

30/07/2020 12:00 pm @

Eco Memorial Park

In loving memory of Jean Ivy Alley Passed away peacefully on the 22nd of July, 2020. Aged 74 years. Cherished Mother of Kim, William,
Mildred Archer

Mildred Iona Archer

aged 101

22/07/2020 10:30 am @

Hemmant Crematorium Chapel

In loving memory of Mildred Iona Archer. Passed away peacefully on the 9th of July 2020. Aged 101 years. Much loved Aunt and Friend

Valerie Harding

In loving memory of Valerie Harding. Passed away peacefully on the 5th of July 2020. Aged 73 years. Beloved Wife of Kevin, recently deceased.

Margaret Ann Nicholls

In loving memory of Margaret Ann Nicholls. Passed away peacefully on the 28th of June 2020. Aged 87 years. Loving Mother to Ronald, Susan

Zachary Maxwell Jones

In loving memory Zachary Maxwell Jones. Passed away on the 21st of June 2020, aged 25 years old. Loving Son of Debbie and Jason.

Mark Edward Mettias

In loving memory of Mark Edward Mettias Passed away, aged 39. Loving Son Brenda & Edward. Cherished Brother of Paul. Mark Mettias’ Funeral Service

Pastor Cyril Herbert Brown

In loving memory of Pastor Cyril Herbert Brown Passed away peacefully on the 16th of June 2020. Aged 99. Loving Husband of Ivy. Treasured

Jill Margaret Grima

In loving memory of Jill Margaret Grima Passed away peacefully on the 1st of June 2020. Aged 83 years. Treasured Mother and Mother-In-Law of

Stanley Keith Daniels

In loving memory of Stanley Keith Daniels Passed away peacefully on the 29th of May 2020, aged 79 Years. Loving Husband of Heather. Treasured

Kevin William Harding

In loving memory of Kevin William Harding Passed away peacefully on the 30th of May 2020, aged 76 Years. Loved Husband of Valerie. Cherished

James John Niblock

In loving memory of James John Niblock Passed away peacefully on the 27th of May 2020, aged 79 years. Loving Husband of Denise (dec’d).

Lauren Alyce Schalcher

In loving memory of Lauren Alyce Schalcher Passed away on the 23rd of May 2020, aged 29 years. Loving Daughter of Tina and Richard.

Doris Hartin

In Loving Memory Of Doris Hartin. Doris passed away peacefully on 23rd May 2020 at the age of 92 years. Loving wife of Louis

Damian George Wynn

In Loving Memory of Damian George Wynn. Passed away 12th May 2020 aged 40 Years. Loving son. Treasured brother and uncle. A private service

Alfonce Amin Farag

In Loving Memory Of Alfonce Amin Farag. Passed away peacefully on 14th May 2020 aged 66 years. Loving husband of Tuong. Treasured father and

Sheila Laurence

In loving memory of Sheila Laurence Passed away peacefully on 10.05.2020. Aged 76 Years. Loved Wife of Douglas (Dec’d) Cherished Mother of Joanne, Terry,

Ian Grenfell Turner

IAN GRENFELL TURNER Born 04:08:1934 Son of Rev. H. Raymond and Mrs Janey Turner of Auckland, New Zealand. Ian married Kristeen Joy Turner on

Joan Brown

In loving memory of Joan Brown. Joan passed away peacefully on 2nd May 2020 aged 86 Years. Loving wife of ernest. Loving mother of

Alexandrina Constantin

In loving memory of Alexandrina Constantin. Alexandrina passed away peacefully on 4th May 2020 aged 70 years. Loving wife of Ion. Treasured mother and

Darryl Lee Berg

In Loving Memory Of Darryl Lee Berg Passed away peacefully aged 58 Years Treasured Son of George and Valmae (deceased) Loving Husband of Barbara,

Dr. Aye Thwe

In Loving Memory of Dr. Aye Thwe. Passed away peacefully 28th April 2020 aged 63 years. Loving husband of Khin. Tresaured father of Ye

Keven John Craig

In Loving Memory of Keven John Craig. Passed away peacefully 16th April 2020 aged 60 yrs. Loving Husband of Wendy. Loving Father of Jeremiah,

John Robert Henderson

In loving memory of John Robert Henderson Passed away peacefully on the 17th of April 2020, aged 74 Years. Loving companion of Mervyn. Treasured

James George O’Connor

In Loving Memory Of James George O’Connor Passed away on the 12th of April 2020, aged 22 years Loving Son of Tom & Fiona

Caterina Ida Frendo

Our precious daughter Caterina Ida Frendo born sleeping on 11th April 2020. Now resting in the loving arms of our Lord Jesus. Much loved

George Brown Snelling

In Loving Memory George Brown Snelling Passed away peacefully 6th April 2020 aged 79 Years. Loving father of Colette, Estelle, Damian and their families

Ashley Kenneth Wode

In Loving Memory of Ashley Kenneth Wode Passed away peacefully 11th April 2020 aged 71 Years. Loving Father of Darryl, Troy, Bradley. Treasured Grandad

Leonard Thomas Holden

In loving memory of Leonard Thomas Holden. Leonard passed away peacefully on 11th April 2020 aged 82 years. Loving husband of Dianne. Loving father

Anna Greenham

Anna Greenham passed away peacefully at home on 4th April 2020 aged 51 Years. Loving wife of Peter. Loving mother of Costa and George.

Stanley William Dempster

In Loving Memory Of Stanley William Dempster. Passed away peacefully 6th April 2020 aged 92 years. Loving Husband of Ethel (Ettie) (dec’d). Treasured Father