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Funeral Director – Swanborough Funerals. We serve the Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions and have done so for the past 20 years.

We Believe…

First of all, we believe in celebrating life one family at a time.

As Funeral  Directors we believe that everyone is unique and therefore every service we provide needs to be unique.

Our team at Swanborough Funerals listen.  In doing so, we can aptly reflect your loved one’s journey on this earth. This is reflected in the way we serve and the way we provide service.

We are Funeral Directors that give honest and straightforward advise on all aspects of funeral care.

Our professional funeral carers give gentle and dignified care. Your loved one had a name in life.   They do not become a number or a figure. Therefore, they are called by their name through each step of funeral care with us.

The team at Swanborough Funerals provide the service you want and need. We believe everyone has the right to affordable and dignified care.

As Funeral Directors we stand by our good funeral care provided. We provide you a qualified team of funeral professionals to assist you in your grief journey.

Swanborough Funerals create healing moments by reflecting, remembering and honouring life.

Most importantly, it is our duty to provide exceptional funeral care for the deceased and for their loved ones.

And our team will keep you informed each step of the way.

One Person – Your Funeral Director…

At Swanborough Funerals, the same person is with you from the start.  One person to talk to any time of day or night. Most importantly, one person to guide you through the whole process. One person to arrange an individual service to celebrate the unique journey of your special someone.

Simply pick up the phone an contact that one person who will be there to care for your special someone.

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1800 100 411

Funeral Director Swanborough Funerals

Funeral Director Swanborough Funerals

Providing Quality Funeral Care.