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Funeral Checklist.

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    The Funeral Checklist.

    Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming process, often made difficult because those left behind are grieving, under emotional distress, and do not know where to start. This funeral planning checklist is simple and easy. It can be used for at-need funeral care or pre-arranging your funeral requests. Fortunately, much of the funeral arrangements can be planned ahead of time.  Fill it out in your own time and let your family know your funeral wishes.

    It’s Simple – Download – Save – Fill In.

    This document is an interactive PDF. Download and save the document.

    You simply type in the information asked and then save the document before closing. It will update and save all information entered. When working out what type of service you would like please refer to our website for venue options, types of services, floral, coffin/casket choices, etc.

    Let your family know your wishes.

    Click here to Download Funeral Checklist

    Each Page Explained:

    Page 3 – Personal Information – These are the questions our funeral planner will ask your family at the time of arrangement. This information is required by Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages to organise the registration of death and either the burial or cremation.

     Pages 4- 5 What type of service do you want – This is where you enter in what type of   service you would like and what  items you would like as part of your service

     Pages 6- 9 – About Me/My Story – This is where you can share your journey – Traditionally known as the Eulogy. What would you like to be remembered for? This is the story of your life penned down for future generations and is part of your legacy.

     Pages 10-11 – Notes – Where you can jot down extra information for your next of kin.

     Pages 12-14 – After the Funeral – Who Needs To Be Notified – a comprehensive list of people and organisations that will need to be notified when a person passes away

     Page 15 -16 – Family & Friends that need to be notified – A list of contact details of family and friends that need to be notified of the funeral service details.

     Page 17- Location of important documents

     Pages 18-19- Poems & Readings place any poems and readings you would like here

     Page – 20 – Music – a place to list the music you would like played at the service

     Page 21- Newspaper and Memorial Page notice – a place to write what you would like in the    notice for the paper and/or online memorial page

     Page 22- Tips on Writing a Eulogy

     Page 23 – Helpful Tips and Information

    CHOOSING A COFFIN/CASKET – please download the brochure below

    Casket Range (Merged) copy