Cremation Service

At Swanborough Funerals, we provide cremation information service options to the Greater Brisbane community, including the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.

Our service options are put together to ensure your personal cremation service needs are met. Our qualified funeral planner will go over your personal cremation service needs, as it is our desire to make sure that we understand what your needs are.

Cremation Information Service Options

  • A  Service held at your local Crematorium Chapel.
  • A  Service held at your local Church or you may prefer an alternative funeral venue followed by a Committal service held at your local crematorium.
  • A Service held at your local Church or one of our alternative funeral venues with no attendance at the crematorium
  • No service cremation followed by a Memorial service held at a venue of your choosing either before or after the cremation of your loved one has taken place.
  • Direct cremation with no attendance (Please see page for more details).

Usually the cremation service that is booked at the crematorium chapel and runs for approximately 30-40 minutes. If you would like an extended period of time let your funeral planner know.  They can make an extra booking time. Chapel services are booked in hourly increments. Do you prefer an extended period?

There is a number of alternative options.

Ask your funeral planner about service venues. Swanborough Funerals source a number of alternative funeral venues. Many of these venues only book two services in a day. We also recommend that you use crematorium chapels that offer extended service times, only booking services in every two hours. Your funeral planner will help you choose the best venue option to suit your needs.

Special Consideration During COVID-19

To protect your families, the wider community and us, the alternative practices have been put in place for burials and cremations. They are as follows:

  • Following new regulations, a maximum of seven family members and or friends can attend the funeral service whilst adhering to the 4m² social distancing rule. (Please note that the 10 people rule administered by the Federal and State Government on Tuesday night included the funeral staff and the celebrant at the funeral service).
  • Viewings are still permitted; however, they too will be kept in accordance to the social distancing advised by the Government.
  • We will record and live stream ceremonies onto private Facebook groups and other live streaming services wherever possible. We encourage family and friends to leave messages of condolences in the comments section and to interact within the live streaming services. This service can also be put into place for viewings when required.
  • We are also encouraging people, who cannot attend the service, to send their condolences to the grieving families and friends through videos, letters, flowers, gifts and care packages; anything to show them that they are not alone during this time.
  • All catering services are no longer available until current restrictions have been lifted.
  • Where possible drive past processions may occur if strict guidelines are followed. These guidelines include that windows must always stay up with no one exiting their vehicles and the drive past procession must occur at a facility that does not obstruct other road drivers. Families and friends are permitted to create signs to offer their respects to the families and or friends as they drive past the coffin.

We Are Still Able To Help You. We Are Able To Facilitate A Service That Honours Your Loved One. For More Information Regarding COVID-19 Regulations Please See The Details On The Following Link: