Coping With Grief

Coping With Grief

Coping With Grief – Grief is natural and normal. It is the response to the experience of significant loss. There is no way of knowing how one will react in times of grief until faced with the journey of grief. Coping with grief is never easy . It is never a journey that we want to face, but most will experience some kind of loss in this journey we call life.

Those who have loved deeply have the privilege of the journey of grief.

For some the emotions of grief can fall upon them in rapid progression, anger, denial, loss, sadness, fear or numbness. Others journey slowly. Feelings like of loneliness and sadness can last for longer periods.  It is important to care for yourself or those you love who are experiencing grief in the best way possible.

Swanborough Funerals have our own recommended grief specialist. Appointments can be made with Gary. Please use contact details below.

Gary Noble – Contact

Gary Noble

Gary Noble is a registered counsellor who has worked in the area of General Counselling and rehabilitation for 13 years. His focus being relationships for five years.

In that time he has assisted people from all walks of life to overcome barriers and live better quality lives. He works towards them being able to gain/regain their confidence.

Gary has particular experience in assisting people with disabilities, including physical, psychological and intellectual.

Gary uses a strengths-based approach in assisting people with overcoming their barriers. He has personal and professional experience in negotiating with employers, government departments and professional at all levels.

Gary’s qualification and affiliations include:

  • Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Psych and Dis)
  • Cert 4 Workplace Training and Assessment
  • J.P. (C.dec) Qld
  • Registered Counsellor
  • Member, Australian Counselling Association
  • Supported Wage, Ongoing Support & Workplace Modifications Assessor (DEEWR)
  • Completed Comcare Approved Rehabilitation Provider Training Course

Personal Statement from Gary Noble, Principal Counsellor:

  • I have lived in Logan City since 1993 in Marsden, Jimboomba and Tanah Merah.  I am very passionate about sharing God’s love through my skills and talents within the Logan City community.
  • Foremost, my goal is to see every person within our community have access to counselling services. I work with other like minded professionals. this is to break down stigma and barriers that restrict people (especially men) from seeking out these services. Hence, I use a strengths based perspective therapy. Most importantly, underpinned with traditional therapeutic aspects of attribution and defence mechanism theories. I also encourage cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • My professional experience was as a Chef for 14 years before I went to university for 4 year.  I have since primarily worked in the areas of Vocational Rehabilitation and Family Dynamics.
  • My community involvement has seen me volunteer as a J P since 1987. I have been a foster carer, a scout leader, soccer coach, and coordinate the “yes we care program” for Logan City.

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