Colin’s Story

Collin's Story

Colin’s Story

Colin’s Story – My brother Colin had been in nursing home care for the past ten years. Colin never married and I was his only surviving relative. So, it broke my heart to have to put him into care because I loved him deeply but it was the best place for him. Surprisingly, Colin settled in quickly and was loved by the residents and staff alike at the home. They became part of his family.

Colin had made sure before he went into the nursing home that his funeral was all paid for with Swanborough Funerals. When he passed we rang them to come and take Colin into their care. Brian and Wendy genuinely cared for Colin with the dignity and respect he deserved. They let myself, my husband and our two boys place Uncle Colin on the stretcher ourselves and wheel him out to the vehicle. They made his bed, placed one flower on his pillow and one on the stretcher. This meant a great deal to us. Wendy walked in front of the car as Colin was taken into their care.

We sat down with Brian the next morning to go over the funeral arrangements Colin had made before he went into the nursing home. His service was to be held at the crematorium chapel, but this seemed sad as only half a dozen people which really was just myself, Cliff and the boys. Then Brian suggested that we change the venue to the nursing home chapel. We had never even thought of this but it was perfect because this was where Colin’s greater family were. So we booked the service at the nursing home chapel. Brian also suggested we use the Chaplain there to take the service as he knew Colin quite well.

What a special day this was with nursing home staff and residents being able to say their farewells to this dear friend too. After the service we organised afternoon tea for the residents.  We can’t thank Brian, Wendy and Swanborough Funerals enough for the care they provided Colin. It would have been exactly what Colin would have wanted.

Thank you Swanborough Funerals

Cecile, Cliff and boys.