Butterfly Funeral Quote

Butterfly Funeral Quote

Butterfly Funeral Quote
Butterfly Funeral Quote


Just when the caterpillar

Thought the world was over

It became a


Butterfly Funeral Quote

Funeral Poems often capture lyrically what is on the heart. Funeral poems can offer comfort and healing in a time of grief. They are used as a tool to express the sentiments and love for the person who has died. Funeral Poems or readings can be read by a family member, a friend or by the celebrant or minister on behalf of the family.

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Swanborough Funerals specialise in themed funeral care. We specialise in personal funeral care to ensure we capture the essence of who your loved one was.

We can organise Butterfly Releases – butterfly themed funeral order of service sheets or funeral programs – butterfly coffin – butterfly urn.

These are simple ways to create a befitting farewell for your loved one.